Book Review: Earth Unaware by Mack Reynolds

This is the sort of book I used to chew through when I was at school. Short, entertaining, has a premise, explores it with a plot and sub-plot, finishes on a conclusion and there's no need to make it a series. A good, fun read from someone who knows what they're doing.

Earth Unaware follows the changing fortunes of Ed Wonder, an ambitious radio presenter with a late-night show featuring bizarre people that he hopes will get him a contract on television. Ed's quite likeable, but his over-ambitious nature makes him a bit irritating, and gets him in trouble when he comes across Ezekiel Tubber, a travelling preacher with more powers than he realises - powers that mean he can change the whole world on a whim, and does.

This is a light little read. It jogs along well, though goes through a bit of a flat spot just over half way through. Keeping a light-hearted edge throughout, it still manages to swipe at modern TV-culture, changes in fashion, ambition, and the differences between men and women. It's not going to win any awards, but it'll keep you entertained while you've got it.

Title: Earth Unaware
Alternative Title: Of Godlike Power
Author: Mack Reynolds
Publisher: Ace/Stoneshire
ISBN: 0843906286
Published Date: 1983
Pages: 174

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