Book Review: Seasons of Plenty by Colin Greenland

Book two in the Tabitha Jute trilogy

The book follows the maiden voyage of the station/ship Plenty, now under the control of Tabitha Jute. The very long hyperspace journey and the strange computer now controlled by the personality from Jutes old ship make for a surreal trip, especially when the route changes. The huge distances combined with time warps within the ship mean for some the journey takes not only years, but decades.

Unfortunately, the journey is really not that interesting. The book has various ideas, but is overlong and contains what feels like plenty of padding, trying too hard for style when some more story would be better.It has it's moments, but is quite a disappointment after Take Back Plenty.

Title: Seasons of Plenty
Author: Colin Greenland
Publisher: Voyager / Harper Collins
ISBN: 000647344X
Published Date: 1996
Pages: 485

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Review by Paul Silver, 2004