Book Review: Contraband by George Foy

Follows 'the Pilot' through the smuggling underground, which is being wiped out by new technology used by a multi-government taskforce called BON. Story goes from a difficult smuggling run during which the pilot is almost killed, to his recovery and another run, through a type of road-movie as he tracks down the new technology that has given BON their edge. During this we meet a range of strange characters, including 'Hawkley,' author of the 'The Freetrader's Almanac and Cookbook' - a reference work for smugglers with semi-religious overtones.

The story loses track during the road trip across America, then transfering across several different European and Third World countries. It's well written and has pretty good character development, but loses pace after the original high-octane chase of the Pilot by BON. Having the main character only called by his profession for 99% of the book may sound cool, but makes him distant and difficult to relate to.

Title: Contraband
Author: George Foy
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553575481
Published Date: 1997
Pages: 518

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Review by Paul Silver, 1998